Friday, 20 August 2010

fuck you whale!


re-made my "fight" poster. Screen prints to come.

some sort of map.

Today I worked on making this map. I am not sure what the map will be used for. i do not recognise any of the street names or landmarks (so maybe i si not newcastle) i think i may be some sort of race? - start and finnish points?

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I hate you mr pen tool.

Spent many hours drawing out this lovely elegant shape. this is how it looks on my screen when I am "fiddling/fanning about with the details."

Sumo Internship week 1

Top end wine - to be used as part of the picnic given to those privileged v.i.p's who have the pleasure of enjoying a luxury world class picnic hamper.
Picnic materials - in-keeping with the ethos of the festival - English heritage preservation of the environment and maintenance of "English Heritage"
Tote bag application.

grass/gin-gem/and blue sky all reflect the atmosphere of this very British yet very international festival.
My designs on a couple of local busstops, ambient.
more or less the final poster - with Artists.

one of many drawings of the initial idea.

English Heritage - Picnic Concerts
initial ideas - very open and fluid. Attempting to combine the two attributes for the festival (food and music) i wil work on that copy a bit later on - probs use the word Fusion/Exquisite etc in some way to make the food and music sound "more better"

Friday, 13 August 2010

Bishop Laurie

This is a photograph of Bishop Laurie, watching a pilgrimage go by whilst seated at a pub table.

Permission was sought / not sought from the following people for this photograph:
- Bishop Laurie [Not sought]
- Pilgrimage participants [Not sought]
- Pub owners [Not sought]


Thursday, 12 August 2010

will add all sorts of development soon. (i cant do it from here)

Sumo - Internships.

Started my first (of many) placements overt the next few months. I was given a quick tour of the studio, then I had to more or less had to hit the ground running. Sarah Hanley (the Creative Director) took me thought the brief I would be working on over the coming week.

was asked to develop and present 3 initial design concepts that should help portray the overall experience of the concerts. There should be an instant excitement for the stylish fun of the concerts that appeal to the full demographic.

also asked to try and bring the brand to life. to refresh the image/move the branding forward into 2010

Target audience
The English Heritage Picnic Concert Series (London) has a broad appeal for people of all ages given the diverse artist program.

Stylish, Accessible, Social, Contemporary, Enjoyable, sophisticated.

concerts running for 57 years.
concert goers relax and picnic in idyllic ground in summer estates.
sales exceed 110.000 tickets annually.

Here is the exiting solution created by SUMO. (the illustrations are by Michael Sutton) and the website was created in-house. check it out (I think it won an award?)

Creative Director