Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New Growth

My Ex IT Dude/all round nice chap (he is now a full time lecturer) From Leeds College of Art and Design - David Thompson sent me a lovely idea for a business card. This "Pop out Mustash" was sent to me in the post. he sent them to many people and asked them to send back photos of themselves wearing the foam Tash. Here is my conurbation.

Champions Breakfast.

I Adore this Charming little illustration, Can't remember who designed it, but I am Fairly sure he is form the North East. will update it as soon as i find out.

Alexander Pietrovito - Hobbit?

the followong photos were al taken by "Susie Hamilton" using her out of rate roles of 35mm film on her lovely Canon.
My housemate Xander made this sick (as in good) costume for a friends 21st Birthday party.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Additional Animal Faces

some face time with the wall.
Brutally honest dung facts.
this is a mongoose, not a meerkat.

Unwanted ducks/Duck Discrimination.

In and though-out the park there are various signs explaining how incredibly detrimental feeding the animals can be to their health and overall well-being. The Zoo keeper said we could feed these animals as they are " Not Welcome in the Zoo"

Chester Zoo.

Here are a few images from Chester Zoo. Many people seem to think that once you have visited one Zoo you have more or less "seen 'em all". I this case I feel that for once Expectations of what the Zoo could offer were aligned with Reality.