Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Univers Light 45.

Univers Light 45. by Dom Wilson
Univers Light 45., a photo by Dom Wilson on Flickr.

Anyone who has ever Set out Type by hand will understand Hannah's Pain.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

gabriel jeffrey

gabriel jeffrey

Photography work. what a lad! x

New Website

Click HERE to see it

This will have to do for now. when i have more time. After Graduation. i will 'Design it' a little more. as i am supposed to be a designer.


Exiting times for me this last few weeks. For some reason i have started getting a couple of little features here and there. which is always nice. The first was from an awesome new Design/Literature/Art Magazine called Novel Mag based in the North east.

The second Came shortly after, I think one of my photos was picked up on flikr or something. - anyways the lovely people at Hearty Magazine featured me as their 'Saturday Selection'.

I was also interviews by Poorplaces and A dirty Job websites.

I hope this run of good fortune continues.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dom Wilson's photostream

B-B-B- Byker Fire.
B-B-B- Byker Fire.Business up front. Party round the back.Emergency? Log on to
Steve.Tab Ends OnlyMcDonalds Emergency.
Dead Beetle Shin.Humbug.Donner Meat Lunchen.Reusable.Earl Grey's Monument.

Today there was a Fire In Newcastle. A Big Fire. I am talking Huge. imagine the biggest scrapyeard fire you have ever seen... then double it. thats how big this fire was. i think it was even on the news at some point?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Daughter of Privilege

Too much Tea in one day
(2+Cups) and I am Anyone's.
100% wappy. You should see the likes.
Lets ride our bikes?
Spiffing good hoot. Paid a Local Boy.
Ten Shillings (Sterling) To drink Voddie and Dance.
and Oh boy did he Dance.
We all made small noises as we watched (we enjoyed it)
Its all just character building
Like water off a swans Cock
All things must come to an end.
Shot him in the Eye.
Not a scrap of regret - Had to be Done.
How else are we to have our Fun?
back to class in time for Latin (Double period).
...Latins a fucking bore.
I wonder what we are having for Supper?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011



Why have a Burger when you can have steak?
Made this Epic meal time style Meaty bastard. Steak Sandwich Fortress- To keep the haters out. Thats Smart.

Starwars babe

Monday, 9 May 2011

All over this.

ksubi kolors from ksubi on Vimeo.

Ksubi Kolors

Petit-Déjeuner Vs Frühstück

Sorting out a NEW WEBSITE. still mostly old work (2nd year at the best)

Petit-Déjeuner Vs Frühstück


Finlay manages to get this old project sorted into some sort of order. This is procrastination TO THE MAX but at least i am messing about/wasting time with my own work...rather than other peoples.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Dom Wilson's photostream

Olympus Trip 35Olympus Trip 35Olympus Trip 35Olympus Trip 35Olympus Trip 35Olympus Trip 35
Olympus Trip 35Olympus Trip 35Olympus Trip 35Olympus Trip 35
- Version 2Sometimes People Fall off Chairs.Sometimes People Fall off Chairs.
Sometimes People Fall off Chairs.Sometimes People Fall off Chairs.feathers.Sometimes people get bit by Dogs.One Horse Race.

NEW CAMERA DAY! Yielded an 'Olympus Trip 35' for only £18 Here is my attempt at making photos ..Enjoy..With..Eyes..