Thursday, 3 December 2009

Predictable subject matter?

I have my camera with me. I have my student Photographer pass. My Memory card has room and my Battery is Full.
Conditions are perfect. All i need is the perfect Subject. So i am looking around for "interesting" looking people to document at the Baltic, when i clock this dude. Maybe i was just over exited by his unusual attire and beard. Just after I had taken his photo (for which i was very greatful) he casually mentioned that "he gets asked a lot".


how to get snapped by the sartorialist

Every now and them when trailing the net for cool things to look at/steal, something or other from the Sartorialist pops up. As you porbs already know, in terms of blogs he is a prity big deal and has a lot of people interested in what he posts/photographs. and i am sure lots of people wanna be photographed.
I found this awesome flow chart of " how to get snapped by the sartorialist".
Sort of relevant as we where asked to think about Negative feedback and proses within design in order to help us to get a nice clear navigation system for our websites.
we all made a a flow chart about "how to make a cup of tea. but i think you will agree this is far far more effective and enjoyable for my eyes to look at.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Middle Class Pasta.

Consumed close to my own body weight in this lovely multi coloured "middle class pasta", and i feel ready to do some work.... but then i find out that i have managed to loose/misplace the last 6 hours worth of logo design work i did today FUCK!, no amount of middle class pasta in my belly will help sort this one out!

gonna have to just present the logos i did today ad hope for the best... infact even if they say the logos are perfect... (which they wont) i will still have to re make them on the old mac.

shit shit balls balls bugger poo.

that is all


Sunday, 22 November 2009

people doing stuff.

simply called People Doing Stuff, which features… people doing stuff. What kind of stuff? all kinds of stuff really. There is a real kind of the charm and hypnotizing quality the video. I just could not stop watching. x

Italian lessons

my house mate is Italian, he speaks relatively little italian and has recently taken it up as a language modual for his degree. I am in the process of trying to get him this book as a gift.


i miss this show a great deal. i watched it on youtube for about 10 mins ... and literally nothing happened, they just stare at each other the whole time. i don't understand how it managed to take over my life as a child? i am almost 100% my attention span must have dramatically decreased as i have got older. That is all x

Thursday, 19 November 2009

a harsh truth.

Do they fuck drink Um-Bongo in the Congo. Or anywhere at all for that matter as its stopped being produced? when did that happen? it just totally passed me by. and for me at least, life when on without the beloved, childhood tropical drink. That is all.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

i really must stop playing on facebook farmville, my real life farm is in ruins!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Website up and running?

i am not 100% sure but i think that maybe my website is now fully up and working to the best of its ability. Which is nice.

here it is

i hope its working x

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


After a 3 HOUR delay, we finally got round to our feedback/crit sesh with Tom and Mike. A simple case of “show and tell” infrount of a group of about 10 students and both of the Web design Tutors. It was good to see what other people had managed to create within the same time period.

From the feedback we came to the conclusion that the level of completion of the site overall was fine. My links are working and my site is easy to navigate.

The main problem was with the way I had cropped my images, maybe I should reduce the levels of “white space” around the images. I didn’t know this was possible, so I just created a slice in fireworks that would accommodate any size, shape or orientation of image. By removing the white space around my images (by cropping them) it will help with the visual continuity of the site. Making the images appear more like they are placed on top of the folder as apposed to totally separate (on a white background).

Can you say "WEB-SITE"

Before starting this project most people seemed to just assume I have some sort of innate ability to construct websites ?? ? I think I must give out that dorkish vibe that says, "I can do websites me"; this could not be further from the truth, despite my glasses and poor upper body strength. Until quite recently I couldn’t even imagine finishing a website of my own.

We have all been set a huge task, and very little time to do it in. I found the learning curve brutal. Like most people I have had literally no past experience with Dreamweaver or Fireworks. Overall I am immensely proud of what I have been able to achieve. I assumed I would be spending my time staring into endless reams of "CODE".... well their was a little bit of code editing but not too much. I am also grateful for the endless patience of the tutors, technicians and several of my peers (Ant Tran and Joe Cox just to name a few)


1. Gained some great new skills. (Dream weaver and Fireworks)

2. Gained a Website.

3. Had Very little sleep.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

pritty, pritty pritty poor.

Am now slightly pooing em because i have very little ready to show for what is supposed to be our "final crit" of the project. Once again my piss poor time management skills have left me with what feels like massivly unattainable goals of making my 8 page book and finnishing my animation project with the space the space of a week.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

did a phew more home page designs.

this is just a very rough idea, the titles would all be hand drawn, and when you click/hoverover an image it will open it up full size in a light box,
i think i will use this one as my new home page maybe.... then when you click on PERSONAL/PHOTOGRAPHY/FREELANCE. it will take you to a page that looks like the one above..... using the old folder idea within the new textured paper..?


A little bit of Experimental Image making. replaced the dogs faces with photographs of various meats.

Some Beautifully Textured Websites.
The Albion Group

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

If a Lion could speak, we could not understand him.

Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Web-schite - New title.

Hand Drawn lettering, development/
Reduced the number of options for each section. still not fully sure about the hand drawn lettering???