Thursday, 3 December 2009

Predictable subject matter?

I have my camera with me. I have my student Photographer pass. My Memory card has room and my Battery is Full.
Conditions are perfect. All i need is the perfect Subject. So i am looking around for "interesting" looking people to document at the Baltic, when i clock this dude. Maybe i was just over exited by his unusual attire and beard. Just after I had taken his photo (for which i was very greatful) he casually mentioned that "he gets asked a lot".


how to get snapped by the sartorialist

Every now and them when trailing the net for cool things to look at/steal, something or other from the Sartorialist pops up. As you porbs already know, in terms of blogs he is a prity big deal and has a lot of people interested in what he posts/photographs. and i am sure lots of people wanna be photographed.
I found this awesome flow chart of " how to get snapped by the sartorialist".
Sort of relevant as we where asked to think about Negative feedback and proses within design in order to help us to get a nice clear navigation system for our websites.
we all made a a flow chart about "how to make a cup of tea. but i think you will agree this is far far more effective and enjoyable for my eyes to look at.